Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Any business is successful as far as its customers are satisfied. CRM system is one of the components that are simply necessary for those enterprises that are looking to grow. The more complex and diverse the organization is, the longer it runs its business, the higher is the need for systematization, storage and prompt access to information about clients, transactions, interaction history, etc. The absence of an automated system that supports company's interaction with its clients can have a negative effect on business


Usually, the list of CRM system functionality includes:
  • Contacts database. It contains information about all those whom company employees contact (or plan to contact) as well as information about company employees (including organizational structure). In addition, it stores information on counteragents and any other information useful for business
  • Contact and deals history. Information about all interactions between company and the client, as well as what, when and in what quantity client has purchased, what level of interest he demonstrated, what kind of client needs we know about
  • Control over transactions. CRM system automates the process of organizing transactions and contract execution
  • Monitoring competition
  • Support for marketing activities:
    • Customer base segmentation
    • Campaign implementation
    • Search for new and retention of existing customers
    • Automated mailing of commercial offers, video meetings, webinars, etc.
  • Planning meetings, events and marketing activities; company's communication policy support
  • Analytical and dashboard reporting. «Sales funnel», marketing campaigns effectiveness analysis, data marts of sales departments activity and much more
  • Integration of the CRM system into company’s information landscape

What we offer

Our CRM development is based on Terrasoft’s bpm’online product. Softailor has vast experience of successful implementation and development of CRM systems of various scales and levels of complexity. We offer our clients the most efficient and convenient option:
  • Implementation from scratch:
    • Express implementation — an option that implies minimal customization of an out of the box solution, including user training and recommendations for further development
    • Design solution — an option that includes significant refinement of out of the box solutions or creation of a new industry solution for Client’s specific needs
  • Out-of-box implementation. Integration of Client’s historical data into a new solution. It is very important to retain accumulated experience and use it while working with a new CRM system. User training at the implementation. There are training methods for users who only learn the basics of working in CRM, and for advanced users, from a simple performer to a top manager. Project support during operation

Our solutions can already provide results today:
  • Integration with 1C ERP system
  • CRM integration with UniOne mailing service. UniOne is an e mail marketing service that positions itself as #1 in the CIS. In case you choose this solution, you can create newsletters and track their effectiveness in CRM by sending them via UniOne
  • Integration of CRM with payment services (for sending or receiving payments using various payment methods: bank cards, e-wallets, etc.). When choosing this solution, it is possible to keep track of incoming payments directly to CRM
  • CRM integration with event management Etouches. Etouches is a system for automated event planning and management. When choosing this solution, Customers receive a CRM sync with Etouches through the following processes:
    • Event preparation
    • Creating audience for the event
    • Creating lists for e‑mail newsletters
    • Participation status registration for each guest from the audience
    • Analytics
  • Industry CRM solution for charity. Charity is becoming an integral part of life in Russia. We believe that it is very important to help those who are actively involved in this area. Our solution allows:
    • Increase the transparency of fund distribution among beneficiaries
    • Reduce labor costs associated with the preparation of charitable events and actions
    • Automate routine work of employees of charitable organizations and volunteers
    • Ensure accounting for funding, participation in charity events and campaigns
    • Automate workflow
    • Integrate with mailing services, payment services and benefactors databases
    • The solution includes integration with 1C ERP system, which allows to determine the level of participation and thank all the benefactors
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