Virtual Desktop Ifrastructure (VDI)


One of the priority issues modern companies’ face is the safe storage, transfer and use of data. Often, instead of remote access, companies use a local desktop, which negatively affects data security, since each user can independently transfer data from his or her workplace to various data carriers. In addition, the use of a local desktop limits the ability to securely work remotely. Cost reduction of organizing the employee workplace without losing the quality of work is the most important issue for most companies.
The purchase of low‑cost (not so modern) workstations and components will not solve the problem fundamentally, while the inability to install the latest software that allows you to automate time-consuming processes has a negative impact on employee productivity. As the work team grows, the number of devices that need to be configured, maintained and updated increases. With this process organization, IT departments are forced to administer individual workstations, which takes a lot of time and often causes downtime for a number of employees


Softailor offers a solution through the implementation of virtual desktops infrastructure, which, in addition to current issues, can solve a wide range of additional tasks:
  • Significant increase in information storage security achieved by information transfer to data processing centers (DPC)
  • Sharp reduction in hardware costs due to the transfer of information processing to DPC
  • The ability to effectively maintain a large number of devices (including software updates) remotely using one system administrator
  • Ability to work from any device, while maintaining your work environment
  • Providing high speed deployment of the workplace

Thus, the main idea of VDI is to transfer all data from users' computers to the central site using a thin client, which is a means of communication between user’s monitor and the data center. In this case, all user data, all files are stored in the data center, which is much more secure than the employee's local workplace. The use of such terminal (which can be any device with a screen, processor and I/O: a tablet, a phone, a regular PC, a laptop and a thin client optimized as much as possible for cheaper unit costs and replacement simplicity) can help significantly save on expensive PC purchases

What we offer

When integrating your virtual desktop infrastructure through Softailor, you get:
  • Initial (pre‑project) analysis
  • Development and design
  • Integration into existing information infrastructure
  • Installation and acceptance testing
  • Service and technical support to ensure optimal and uninterrupted system operation

Our company offers VDI solutions on proprietary platforms such as Microsoft, VMware and Citrix, as well as on the open source platform oVirt. Using an open source platform will reduce license fees for VDI infrastructure, which is especially important for fast‑growing companies with more than 5000 workplaces and service providers providing SaaS, PaaS and DaaS services
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